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Following Detroit’s 45-28 drubbing adminstered by the Saints, 2nd year undrafted free agent from Pitt, Aaron Berry, tweeted “Y’all can go back to being broke and miserable”


… read more on how his Detroit Lion teammates responded.  When will athletes learn how to use social media channels?  Some of teammates know how!

This outburst coming after Drew Brees torched the Lions defense for 466 yards and 3 TD bombs. Learn how to be a professional, dude! Don’t you think the faithful Lion fans already have learned to have low expectations? Case in point…..the Lions haven’t even made it to a playoff game since 1991, and they’re one of only 4 teams that have never made a Super Bowl appearance. Berry and Pac-man Jones who also got toasted should just turn off their cellphones and keep their pie-holes shut! They’re lucky to have jobs in the NFL while their city suffers through one of the worst economic depressions in history.
I’m just sayin………..
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