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There’s not much in the sport of boxing these days that gets me very excited.  However, a World Welterweight Championship war between Floyd ‘Pretty Boy” Mayweather and Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao would get me totally stoked!


Mayweather, the WBC welterweight champ is 42-0 (26 by KO), and Pacquiao who holds the WBO welterweight belt is 54-3-2 (38 by KO).  No doubt this titanic clash would be the richest fight in boxing history between the two best current fighters in the world.  Apparently, Mayweather has the same feeling too….and; he called Pacquiao to tell him so.  When I say he called him, that’s exactly what I mean.  Not any handler, not his promoter, not anyone in his posse……”Pretty Boy” picked up his cell and placed a call DIRECTLY to “PacMan”, but details of their conversation have not been forthcoming.  A Las Vegas judge even delayed Mayweather’s 87-day jail sentencing (related to a plea deal on domestic violence) in order, he said, to inject $100M into the ailing Vegas economy.


So what’s the hold-up you ask?  Pacquiano’s promoter, douche-bag Bob Arum, says a temporary stadium for 40,000 would have to first be built instead of staging the fight at Vegas’ MGM Grand Pavilion (15,000 cap.) as planned.  Arum has been ducking Mayweather for quite some time, and this is just another in a long line of stalling tactics.    Despite the incredible public demand for this ring battle, Arum instead has been matching his cash cow with washed-up opponents coming off poor performances.  It’s gotten to the point that PacMan appears to even fear Mayweather, and does whatever Arum tells him to do, despite missing out on what well could be a $50M payday.  As Mayweather recently tweeted, “My jail sentence was pushed back because the date (May 5) was locked in.  Step up punk!”  The only thing that could possibly hype this fight any more is if we bring back Howard Cosell from the dead.   

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