OK… the “Biggest Rip-Off in College Football History”  might be a bit of an overstatement, but I’m listening to Brent  Brent-Mushburger-call-national-championsMusberger call tonight’s college football game between Alabama and LSU and he seems to have the privalege of overstatement.  Boy, does he!

I boycotted this game.  I wasn’t going to watch it, and I really didn’t.  But, I did have an interest.  I saw a lot of great football during this Bowl Season, but was not looking forward to this game.  I already saw it!  And, a 9-6 game repeated as a National Championship did not generate any anticipation on my part.  This was a totally new experience in in my life!  I used to anticipate these “National Championship” games.  This a was total farse in my opinion!  Admittedly, I did watch the last quarter.

It’s amazing to think that a National Champion can be crowned without any decent quarterback play!  Imagine if LSU would have had a QB?  Better yet… imagine if LSU would have faced No.4 Stanford!  Andrew Luck might have made them look really bad!  And, not by himself… Stanford had a balanced offense.  They average almost 3,000 yards rushing with a pro passing offense (287 yard per game) with two fantastic receivers in Montgomery and Whalen.

Imagine what Oklahoma State might have done against this Alabama defense… who never really faced a true passing, high-powered offense.  Brandon Weeten could have torn this defense apart!  Justin Blackmon averaged 23+ yards per catch, and Colton Chelf over 19 yards per catch.

But, we never had the opportunity to see those games!  These are the match-up I believe we were entitled to. I’m pieved! …something just isn’t right!

Alabama has no right to celebrate this win, nor claim the National Championship!  This is a hollow victory against another conference team.  It was not a good match for a National Championship!

But, this is just my opinion!



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