bobby petrino scandalThis vagabond football coach has held 15 jobs for 11 different programs over the last 24 years.  He put his latest employer, the University of Arkansas and its Athletic Director Jeff Long, in a very awkward and embarrassing position by not initially telling the truth to police and University officials surrounding the details of his April 1st motorcycle crash. Consequently, the Bobby Petrino scandal is a hot sports topic!


Bobby Petrino was not charged with any crime and he’s currently not in any legal trouble, but because of a noteworthy clause in his contract he was subsequently fired on April 10th for “engaging in reckless and unacceptable behavior that was misleading and manipulative”.  Now there’s a head coach that could care less about being a role model and teacher to young men!  And, the Bobby Petrino scandal has drawn the attention of many a punster!  You just have to see this video!



I should start off by saying that the 51-year old Petrino is married and a father of four.  After suddenly abandoning his Atlanta Falcon head coaching job in mid-season four years ago with nothing more than farewell notes to his staff and players, he went to the University of Arkansas.  Since that time, he’s compiled a 34-17 record and guided the Razorback football program back into prominence.  In January 2011, he took the team to their first ever BCS bowl (a 31-26 Sugar Bowl loss to Ohio State).  Last season, they were in the hunt for the national championship finishing 11-2 and ranked #5.  He was fast becoming a big man in Razorback Nation, as evidenced by his hefty $3.53M salary.  But, his moral compass crapped out and regrettably he chose to lie to his family, bosses, and legend of followers to cover up the truth… and so created the Bobby Petrino scandal.


Following his motorcycle crash about 20 miles southeast of Fayetteville that left him with four broken ribs, cracked neck vertebra, and facial abrasions, he told passers-by NOT to call 9-1-1.  Why you ask?  Well, he was riding at the time with 25-year old former Arkansas volleyball player Jessica Dorrell.  Within a matter of minutes and a few cell phone calls, the uninjured Ms. Dorrell was whisked back to her vehicle, and Petrino was rushed to the hospital by his personal security highway patrol officer.  No fuss, no muss so Petrino thought.  Problem is, as mentioned previously, he’s married……. and Dorrell (who by the way was engaged to an Arkansas swimming & diving coach) was hired in late March by Petrino as a student-athlete development coordinator to “help with recruiting” at the tune of $55,735/year.


Upon first reporting the crash, Petrino failed to inform police and his University bosses about his female passenger.  In trying to defend his decision to lie, Petrino stated, “My concern was to protect my family and a previous inappropriate relationship from becoming public.”  Please, quit bringing the family into matters of poor individual judgment.  You should have thought about your family BEFORE taking your little joyride with Jessica!


Bobby Petrino scandal with Jessica DorrellWe now know the “inappropriate relationship” was in regards to Jessica Dorrell.  She was given the University job over 158 other applicants, and AD Long said he was “duped” by Petrino into her hiring.  Public records show these two love-birds shared 4,300 text messages and 300 phone calls over a 7-month period on his state-issued cell phone.  He’s not only pathetic, he’s love-struck stupid too!  Petrino also paid Dorrell a $20K cash gift that was used to purchase an Acura during her first week on the job.  Man, this guy is really messed up!  The Bobby Petrino scandal will continue to be unraveled in the social and mainstream media for all of us to scrutinize and laugh over.  His Fayetteville home is already up for sale.


Bottom line……Petrino’s University contract clearly states that he can be suspended or fired for conduct that negatively or adversely affects the reputation of the University’s athletic programs in any way”.  Jeff Long did not take such a bold move as some may think; he simply interpreted the contract correctly and enforced it accordingly.  Further, since he was fired “with cause”, Petrino will NOT receive his $18M contract buyout.  Ohhh, too bad, Bobby!    Jessica Dorrell was originally placed on paid leave April 13th, then resigned four days later with a $14K settlement from the University.  Her “position” will not be re-opened.  Finally, a high-profile coach is held accountable for their actions and not forgiven based on their wins and revenue-generating power!  Finally, character and integrity win out!


Predictably, as with many of his coaching peers (Rick Pitino and Jim Tressel just to name a few), the loyal “Nation” of followers came to the rescue in trying to save his job.   The pressure to retain Petrino was especially intense, but thankfully it wasn’t successful.  It’s ridiculous that these top coaches and moral lackies become the main representatives of their schools.  No one knows who the top professors are at Arkansas, do they?  I applaud Jeff Long for doing the right thing.  Besides, Petrino should have known that “Slick Willie” Clinton is the only Arkansas guy to cheat on his wife and get away with it!

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