I just watched the ESPN E:60 report on Aaron Rogers.  It provided a graphic and well orchestrated biographic description of the Green Bay Packer championship quarterback.  As a die-hard Packer fan of  50-years, I’ve witnessed good and bad times.  However, I never experienced such a mix of good with bad in all those years; as I witnessed by watching this show.

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Brett Favre, a legend in Green Bay and an icon of professional football has me totally pieved!  And, I’m one of his greatest supporters.  He put Green Bay back on the “football map” in the early 1990’s.  Yet, he appears to be lacking a certain “character gene” that I find repulsive!

During an interview with Rogers, he was asked if Favre congratulated Rogers following his Super Bowl XLV (45) victory and MVP selection.  Rogers, in his strong character way didn’t say yes or no.  He simply responded with “there has been no contact” between us.

Come on Brett!  Get it together!  You might have some lasting animosity toward the treatment you received by the Packer front office, but it’s time to show some character!  After all, this was your team!  Your brothers-in-arms!  Reach out and touch this team and lend them your support!

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