Many legendary (and not so legendary) sports figures are best known or remembered by their nicknames. 

Test your knowledge on the history of athlete nicknames below.  The level of difficulty increases as you go from “Rookie” to “Major Leaguer” to “All-Star” to “Hall of Famer”. 

You must get ALL 15 correct under each level to attain that respective status.



“Rookie” Level          “Major Leaguer” Level

1-The Golden Bear       1-The Big O

2-Mr. October               2-Pops

3-The King                     3-Sweetness

4-The Stilt                      4-The Greatest

5-Prime Time                5-The Dream

6-Juice                             6-The Golden Boy

7-Magic                           7-The Human Highlight Reel

8-Say Hey Kid               8-The Great One

9-The Rocket                 9-The General

10-Bambino                  10-Hit Man

11-Dr. J                           11-Pistol

12-The Shark                12-Stretch

13-His Airness             13-Louisiana Lightning

14-Mr. Cub                    14-Round Mound of Rebound

15-Charlie Hustle        15- The Refrigerator                                                                           



 “All-Star” Level           “Hall of Famer” Level

1-The Worm                       1-The Flying Dutchman

2-Nails                                  2-The Professor

3-The Real Deal                 3-Dr. Dunkenstein

4-The Golden Jet              4-The Assassin

5-Tiny                                    5-Smoke

6-The Minister of Defense   6-The Elmira Express

7-The Black Knight                 7-El Presidente

8-The Intimidator                   8-The Flying Tomato

9-The Dominican Dandy       9-The Chairman of the Board

10-The Logo                             10-The Mad Stork

11-The Toy Cannon                11-The Manassa Mauler

12-The Pearl                             12-The Aircraft Carrier

13-The Galloping Ghost        13-The Kansas Comet         

14-The Mad Hungarian         14-Concrete Charlie

15-The Mailman                       15-The Human Eraser