The CarNutz fantasy football league has finally eliminated the “pretenders” and the focus is now where it should be… on the money!

Watch this short video to find out what fantasy football teams are playing in the Nutz Bowl:


“To the Winner Goes the Spoils…”

…and the Winner can be Spoiled even More!


Numbers Seldom Lie

…and points are the overwhelming determinate on what fantasy football teams get or don’t get a portion of the league booty!  So, let take a look at how those numbers or points stack up through the Week 12-16 of the playoffs.  Just a word of caution.  These number are “unofficial.”  The Commish and his staff hold the true numbers.  This is simply an example of my personal and often imperfect math skills.


1. Murphy’s Law: 1162

2. Sherman’s Army: 1114.5

3. Ocho-Inch Johnson: 1112.5

4. Bikini Waxers: 1066

5. Squirrel Nutz: 1040

6. Big Moon’s Maestros: 1016.5

7. Hawkeye Pierce: 1012

8. Crappies: 905

9. Perch’s Pigeons: 903

10: Donna and the Dynamo: 881.5


Sean’s Legal Team meets Randy’s Short Pecker in the Nutz Bowl.  The winner walks away with a clean 300 smackers, and both are at the top of list  for the Total Points payout of  another 200 beanies!  Not far behind in Total Point are Jordan’s ever potent Ground Pounders and Ronny’s Sexy Vixen.  And, watch out for those pain-in-the-arse Squirrel Nutz who are playing way above their potential!

Let us not forget the infamous Toilet Bowl… because there’s another 100 smack-a-roos lying on that table!  Can you believe that the measly Squirrel Nutz… the fantasy football team seemingly buried at number 10 in the Power Points Rankings just four weeks ago, is a contender for the golden Toilet Bowl award?  However, it ain’t going to be easy. The Squirrel Nutz face Jim’s resurgent band leaders who busted the 300-point plateau in Week 15 and, I believe, put 25 thingies into their pocket.

In conclusion, there’s a lot at stake in this final round of the playoffs. Let’s have some fun and maybe smack a bit for a change!