Week 10 Wrap-Up for the CarNutz Fantasy Football League…



murphy's law fantasy footballMurphy’s Law is running away with this league!  The Law rules with the most victories and most points, and currently holds the top seed in the upcoming playoffs!  Plus, the “hut-hut” wracked up 330 points in Week 10!

It’s up the Steel Nutz to pull in the reigns on this platinum vixen .. this week!  Can Scottie do it to the Law?

Where has this season gone???


army girl fantasy footballThe General feel asleep behind his wheel this week.  Rumor has it that he was really sending emails to the “stup” sitting on his tube… I believe her name is Paula Broadwell, or is it Jill Kelly?   He also claims to be mad that he lost track of his cornerback!  Fact is, his league low 219 points in Week 10 shows he lost the bubble on his entire nonperforming defense!

Here’s hoping he performs much better with his “stup!”



donna and the dynamos

After getting their “rack” handed back to them in Week 10 by the Law, “Donna and the Dynamos” need a major miracle this week to escape their impending “Toilet Bowl” match-up with the Steel Nutz!

…oh, how the once mighty “Mo” has fallen!


no-crabbies-fantasy-footballCan you say “four losses” in four weeks?  I think you can!  The No Crabbies are once again the league’s “Crappies” after suffering another humiliating defeat in Week 10… this time to Randy’s “Fug Uglies.”

…there is no greater humiliation than losing to the “Fug Uglies!”

WAIT… yes there is!  The Crappies could extend their losing streak in Week 11 which could find this team in the Toilet Bowl!


Week 9 Power Points Rankings:


# 1. Murphy’s Law (Previous Week: #1)

Record: 7-3;  Total Points: 2705; Profile Pix: 9; Power Points: 170,415


#2. Sherman’s Army (Previous Week: #3)

Record: 6-4;  Total Points: 2486 ;  Profile Pix: 8.5; Power Points: 126,786


#3. Bikini Waxers (Previous Week: #2)

Record: 5-5;  Total Points: 2435; Profile Pix: 9.5;  Power Points: 115,663


#4. Hawkeye Guy (Previous Week: #5)

Record: 6-4;  Total Points: 2546;  Profile Pix: 6; Power Points: 91,656


#5. No Crabbies (Previous Week: #4)

Record: 4-6: Total Points: 2573;  Profile Pix: 8; Power Points: 82,336


#6. Perch’s Pigeons (Previous Week: #8)

Record: 5-5;  Total Points: 2440 ;  Profile Pix: 5; Power Points: 61,000


#7. Never Say Dynamo (Previous Week: #6)

Record: 3-7;  Total Points: 2530;  Profile Pix: 8; Power Points: 60,070

#8. Big Moon’s Maestros (Previous Week: #7)

Record: 5-5;  Total Points: 2457; Profile Pix: 4.5;  Power Points: 55,283


You Do Not Want to Be a Cellar Dweller!!

car nutz league losers



#9. Ocho-Inch Johnson (Previous Week: #9)

Record: 6-4;  Total Points; 2596; Profile Pix: 3;  Power Points: 46,728


#10. Steel Nutz (Previous Week: #10)

Record: 3-7;  Total Points: 2550;  Profile Pix: 5; Power Points: 38,250



Have fun gentlemen!  The season is at the half way point!  This is the time to start preparing for the big push.  Best of luck to all!

Total points… X…  Number of Wins… X… Profile Pix Value. No wins still getting 1 point.

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