Week 11 Wrap-Up for the CarNutz Fantasy Football League…






the pigeons fantasy football team

The Pigeon’s hit the league high mark in points this week with 372… crushing the Dynamo by almost 150 points!

Riding a poor football performance by the Houston Texans, yet an unbelievable fantasy football spectacle behind Matt Shaub’s 80-pounder and Andre Johnson’s 70-pounder, the Pigeons pounded their way to a huge win.


squirrel nutz fantasy football team

The “Squirrel Nutz” put the skids marks on the platinum vixen’s shorts this week!

The resurgent Nutz racked up a modest 238 points behind Josh Freeman and a consistent running corp to win their 4th game and climb one game above the lowly “Donna and the Dynamos.”

…so, who is this linebacker, Russell Allen, scoring a real nice 37 points?  It’s been a long season for the Nutz.  I’m just wondering if they are looking at the waiver wire at the QB position as we more into the playoffs.  If I know the Nutz, I know they’ll have something up their sleeve this coming week!




army girl fantasy footballThe Army is Again Riding High on the Tube!

Luck you say?  Not this week!  The Army took advantage of Dez Bryant’s 50-pounder and a 303 total point performance to raise their record to a league best tie with the Law at 7 and 4.

They head into the playoffs as one of the favorites!



Outlook for the Playoff in the CarNutz Fantasy Football LeagueCarNutz Fantasy Football Playoff Outlook:

The best predictive element in assessing the CarNutz Fantasy Football Playoff Outlook has to be total points scored to date!  And, it’s a tight race!  Murphy’s Law tops the League with 2,905 points; followed by the Crabbies with 2,855, the Ocho-Stinkers with 2,830, the Pigeons with 2,812, the Army with 2,789 and Hawkeye with 2,771.  The winner will most probably come from this group and walk away with $300 as the League Champ!

Yet, total points for week 12 through 17, is totally up for grabs; and this pays the winner $200.  The Nutz and Dynamo are virtually neck and neck in total points with 2,758 and 2,755 respectively. And, the Maestros and Waxers aren’t far behind.  No predictions here, nor advice.  Let’s have some fun and win some money!



Week 11  Power Points Rankings:


# 1. Murphy’s Law (Previous Week: #1)

Record: 7-4;  Total Points: 2905; Profile Pix: 9; Power Points: 183,015


#2. Sherman’s Army (Previous Week: #3)

Record: 7-4;  Total Points: 2789 ;  Profile Pix: 8.5; Power Points: 165,946


#3. Bikini Waxers (Previous Week: #2)

Record: 5-6;  Total Points: 2658; Profile Pix: 9.5;  Power Points: 126,255


#4. No Crabbies (Previous Week: #5)

Record: 5-6: Total Points: 2855;  Profile Pix: 8; Power Points: 114,200


#5. Hawkeye Guy (Previous Week: #4)

Record: 6-5;  Total Points: 2771;  Profile Pix: 6; Power Points: 99,756


#6. Perch’s Pigeons (Previous Week: #8)

Record: 6-5;  Total Points: 2812 ;  Profile Pix: 5; Power Points: 84,540


#7. Big Moon’s Maestros (Previous Week: #8)

Record: 6-5;  Total Points: 2700; Profile Pix: 4.5;  Power Points: 72,900


#8. Never Say Dynamo (Previous Week: #7)

Record: 3-8;  Total Points: 2755;  Profile Pix: 8; Power Points: 66,120

You Do Not Want to Be a Cellar Dweller!!

car nutz league losers



#9. Steel Nutz (Previous Week: #10)

Record: 4-7;  Total Points: 2758;  Profile Pix: 5; Power Points: 55,160

#10. Ocho-Inch Johnson (Previous Week: #9)

Record: 6-5;  Total Points; 2831; Profile Pix: 3;  Power Points: 50,958



Have fun gentlemen!  The season is at the half way point!  This is the time to start preparing for the big push.  Best of luck to all!

Total points… X…  Number of Wins… X… Profile Pix Value. No wins still getting 1 point.

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