Week 12 Wrap-Up for the CarNutz Fantasy Football League… Playoffs Round One!


Outlook for the Playoff in the CarNutz Fantasy Football League

It’s beginning to look like Christmas for Sherman’s Army and Murphy’s Law.  Both teams have opened huge leads in the first week of the playoffs.

I don’t believe there is any way the Meastros can overcome the huge advantage the Army holds rolling into the second game of this match-up.

However, the Law’s lead is now a bit tarnished… “Matty Ice” ran a bit warm and only managed 20 points in Week 2 of this match-up.  That could really hurt!  …and provide the Waxer’s and “Cam the Sham” ample opportunity to catch-up on Sunday!

And, it’s not looking good for the Crabbies against the little Stinkers!  “Drew Boy” managed a feeble 29 points… tossing more balls to the Atlanta defense than some of his own receivers.  And, the balls he managed to put into the hands of his own team largely went to the Stinkers wide receiver, Marques Colston.  The Crab Cakes will have to rely on a huge performance by their defense to win this one!

The Consolation match-up is interesting and still highly competitive.  Both losers just continue to put up them points!  The Dynamo seems to be relying heavily on two Packer receivers and didn’t get the production he hoped from Jacquizz Rogers on Thursday night.  The Squirrel Nuts only trail by 5 points and hope that Josh Freeman and his RB’s can carry him to a huge win this week.  But, who really cares about these losers anyway!!


Week 11  Power Points Rankings:  Will be Updated following the First Round of the Playoffs!


# 1. Murphy’s Law (Previous Week: #1)

Record: 7-4;  Total Points: 2905; Profile Pix: 9; Power Points: 183,015


#2. Sherman’s Army (Previous Week: #3)

Record: 7-4;  Total Points: 2789 ;  Profile Pix: 8.5; Power Points: 165,946


#3. Bikini Waxers (Previous Week: #2)

Record: 5-6;  Total Points: 2658; Profile Pix: 9.5;  Power Points: 126,255


#4. No Crabbies (Previous Week: #5)

Record: 5-6: Total Points: 2855;  Profile Pix: 8; Power Points: 114,200


#5. Hawkeye Guy (Previous Week: #4)

Record: 6-5;  Total Points: 2771;  Profile Pix: 6; Power Points: 99,756


#6. Perch’s Pigeons (Previous Week: #8)

Record: 6-5;  Total Points: 2812 ;  Profile Pix: 5; Power Points: 84,540


#7. Big Moon’s Maestros (Previous Week: #8)

Record: 6-5;  Total Points: 2700; Profile Pix: 4.5;  Power Points: 72,900


#8. Never Say Dynamo (Previous Week: #7)

Record: 3-8;  Total Points: 2755;  Profile Pix: 8; Power Points: 66,120

You Do Not Want to Be a Cellar Dweller!!

car nutz league losers



#9. Steel Nutz (Previous Week: #10)

Record: 4-7;  Total Points: 2758;  Profile Pix: 5; Power Points: 55,160

#10. Ocho-Inch Johnson (Previous Week: #9)

Record: 6-5;  Total Points; 2831; Profile Pix: 3;  Power Points: 50,958



Have fun gentlemen!  The season is at the half way point!  This is the time to start preparing for the big push.  Best of luck to all!

Total points… X…  Number of Wins… X… Profile Pix Value. No wins still getting 1 point.

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