Week 13 Wrap-Up for the CarNutz… Round 1 of the Fantasy Football Playoffs is in the Bag!


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… Git ur Highlights Here on the Fantasy Football Playoffs!


army girl fantasy football

 The Army is Hot!

In crushing the Maestros, the Sherm put together a league high 604 total points!  Jordon is beginning to dominate the league and is looking like the apparent favorite to win our Fantasy Football Playoffs!

Riding the tails of Tony “Homo” and his new “butt-butt” receiver favorite, Sherm didn’t need “Luck” to blow his tube and 122 mm at the hapless and pathetic Maestros.  How can any team not field a complete team during the playoffs???  Must be a bad Internet connection!!



murphy's law fantasy football

Hut Huts ‘R Still Riding High and Tight!

Sean found enough room is those white shorts to pack away the second most points, 573, after the first round.  Consistency and production make him a definite contender in the Winner’s bracket!

In Week 13, his receiving corp overcame a weak Matty Ice performance in propelling this vixen over Ronny’s Bikini Waxers.  I love the thought of the Waxers joining me in the Toilet Bowl!



Ocho Stinko

Ocho Stinkos Prevail! …Yuk!

This little write up pains me the most!  Call it poetic justice!  I’ve been blasting the Stinkos all season, and Randy crushes my Crabbies in the playoffs!  In the process, Randy put up the 3rd most points, 561, in Week 12-13.  In Week 13, he dumped a Megatron 60-pounder AND a Carson Palmer 50-pounder on my head.  I’ll still wiping his shit off my ugly face!

…and, now I’m in the Toilet Bowl where I belong!



hawkeye escapes toilet bowl

 Hawkeye Guy Escapes the Toilet Bowl!

“Hawkeye Pierce” is the low man on the totem pole of the Winner’s bracket in the fantast football playoffs with 489 points after the first round of the playoffs.  But, he is in the much preferred Winner’s bracket.  He’s got a chance!  With a great receiving corps and a promising Knowshon Moreno, this team could be very dangerous over the next couple of weeks.

It’s a bit ironic, that Mash and Hawkeye have remained my favorite all time TV show and character and this team possesses my preferred QB… yet he rides the bench!  I understand, but if John want to win this league, I believe he needs to take a calculated risk.  A-Rog can get him there!


Power Points Rankings are Overcome by Events… The Playoffs and Points are Now the Focus!!!


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Have fun gentlemen!   Best of luck to all!

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