Current Power Points Ranking for the CarNutz Fantasy Football League.



#1. No Crabbies

Record: 2-0;  Total Points: 662 ;  Profile Pix: 8; Power Points: 10592

Give the No Crabbies ‘two tickets to paradise.’  Riding the wave behind Drew Brees… his partner in production, Darren Sproles and perhaps this year’s ‘so far’ surprise in fantasy football, C.J. Spiller, the Crabbies have piled up points against opponents… cracking the 300 point mark both weeks.

The season is only two weeks old, but this early performance is enough to give the Crabbies the top nod for the first two weeks anyway!  Congratulations to the No Crabbies for his #1 Power Points Ranking! And, his profile pix is really hot!



army girl fantasy football#2. Sherman’s Army

Record: 2-0;  Total Points: 581 ;  Profile Pix: 8.5; Power Points: 9887

Despite a reasonable but low performance from Tony Romo, the Army rallied behind a tight wide receiver offensive performance from Hakeem Nicks, Percy Harvin, and Jimmy Graham to capture his second straight victory and remain among the league’s “yet to be defeated.”  Still tickling the under belly of a 300-point week, Jordon is definitely a force to recon with.  He faces a huge match-up this coming week against the No Crabbies!  Wow!  Did Cedric Benson really get 26 fantasy football points?  I must have missed that Thursday night game.

His profile pix is a bit outdated, but it’s patriotic! We like partriotic! A hot army stup would straighten him up!!

POWER POINTS RANKING UPDATE.  Huge JUMP IN POWER POINTS  here!   Army just posted a hottie!  … awarded an extra .5 for being a  “League Team Player.”  I’m liking this Army!


perch's pigeons fantasy football#3. Perch’s Pigeons

Record: 2-0;  Total Points: 518 ;  Profile Pix: 5; Power Points: 5180

Are you kidding me… Eli Manning puts up 71 points after tossing three interceptions in the second quarter against the Bucs?  That’s fantasy football folks.  You just don’t know what’s going to happen… down one minute, up the next.  Though it’s hard to believe that a die-hard Eagles fan can rely on a Giant’s quarterback, it looks like Perch is rocking with Eli.

This is a strong team that probably under-performed this week. The Pigeons are always a top fantasy football team! Let’s see if he can meet this challenge…

This profile picture needs attention.  It’s original, but it’s bland!  Give it up Perch! You can significantly raise your power points ranking!


bikini waxers fantasy football#4. Bikini Waxers

Record: 1-1;  Total Points: 513; Profile Pix: 9.5;  Power Points: 4874

The Waxers evened their record to 1-1 this week, defeating the Nutz is a closely fought battle.   It all came down to Monday night.  It was fantasy football at it’s best.  I’m not sure how the game turned out.  I was too engaged with Ron’s profile picture.

This pix is the very best so far!


murphy's law fantasy football# 5. Murphy’s Law

Record: 1-1;  Total Poings: 468; Profile Pix: 9; Power Points: 4212

Falling to the Pigeons is not dishonorable.  But, the ‘Law’s’ point performance following his week one stellar production of 291 points has to be a big disappointment.  Seems to me that he just hit a bad week. It looks like a ‘guessing game” at this point.  Is RGIII going to outperform Matt Ryan at quarterback?  How can you sit Jared Allen and plug-in J.J. Watt?  Maybe it’s time for a trade… who knows?  Ask the Doggie!

The Law rules with his profile picture!  Can you say hike?



never say dynamo fantasy football team#6. Never Say Dynamo

Record: 0-2;  Total Points: 508 ;  Profile Pix: 6; Logo Pix Value: 3048

This is the best 0-2 fantasy football team in the league and particularly dangerous.  For some reason, the owner seems to worry and help other league members with their teams while his suffers. Tough shit!  It’s nice to see him buried with the cellar-dwellers!

Gave this pix a little higher ranking than some of the older bland pix.  …looks like it might have included some original art work.  Talk about giving someone the “benefit of doubt,” but he is my bro. :)  Let’s see if he can improve his power points ranking!


Steel Nutz fantasy football#7. Steel Nutz

Record: 0-2;  Total Points: 508;  Profile Pix: 5; Power Points: 2540

The “king” of fantasy football is off to a slow start. That’s a huge advantage to all league members… consider yourself lucky.  The Nutz is likely to come roaring back. There’s a lot of balance on this team… a great mix of offense and defense.  Plus, he is a master of the waiver-wire.  Beware!

The Nutz’s profile pix is ‘old hat!’  I’ve seen better pix on his Facebook page!  I know, he’s down in Texas, but his feet are still stuck in the Pittsburgh mud. :)


big moon's maestros fantasy football#8. Big Moon’s Maestros

Record: 1-1;  Total Points; 494; Profile Pix: 4.5;  Power Points: 2223

This ‘tag team’ of Tim Mooney and Jim Kunkel have a star studded roster. Compiling 256 points this week to post their first victory, it seems to me that this team can ‘explode’ at any time. A “Maestro” at fantasy football, these guys are really good at this game!

Is that Barry Manilow in the Maestros profile? Love the ‘power tie,’ but not enough to help his Power Rankings.


hawkeye guy fantasy football#9. Hawkeye Guy

Record: 1-1;  Total Points: 501 ;  Profile Pix: 4; Power Points: 2004

After coming out strong in week 1, Hawkeye lost a close battle with the Maestros this week. The team suffered from Aaron Roger’s lower than expected performance, but it still managed a very respectable 250 points. With A-Rog, Victor Cruz and Vincent Jackson as mainstays on his roster, Hawkeye remains a very dangerous opponent.

Yuk!  We’ll give the ‘Neu’ guy the benefit of the doubt here.  But, let it be known… profile pix quality is a ranking factor.  I think the grey hats won, or did they lose the Civil War?


ocho-inch-johnson-fantasy-football#10. Ocho-Inch Johnson

Record: 0-2;  Total Points; 474; Profile Pix: 3;  Power Points: 1422

I like to call him ‘ocho-stinko.’  This is a quality team that will only get better!  It’s all a matter of match-ups and the stinkos just caught two bad match-ups.  If Randy wants to read more about himself, he’s just going to have to step it up! LOL  By the time I get to the end, or bottom in this case, I tend to get tired and go to bed.   Let’s rally my friend! :)


I can’t believe this pix is on the Internet! :) …talk about fug-ugly!


This is it for this week!  Thanks to those who provided feedback!

Craig, if you want to email me words… I’ll be happy to add them. In fact, if anyone wants to add some “dirt,” just send it to me via email.  Just indicate the team and submit the dirt!  I’ll work it in so that you get credit.

This is how Power Rankings will be calculated.  It’s easy math, so Scott can understand it:

Total points… X… Wins… X… Profile Pix Value.  Of course, I’ll be looking for comments to change or update this calculation when and if appropriate. Number of wins will  be included, but will default to 1 if someone does not yet have a win. Scott emailed me this week and he is happy with my math.  So, I’m inclined to keep it this way.

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