Week 8 Wrap-Up for CarNutz Fantasy Football League…


Car Nuts week 8 standings

Parity has hit the Car Nutz League!

Yep… it finally happened!  The Funkmasters are back!  The so-sexy Waxers stand on top of the division with Pierce and the league’s Johnson all sitting pretty at .500!  Them Steel “Balls” have now won two in a row, and the previous dying yet deadly Dynamo tied for the league’s high score this week.

By comparison, the high flying Overbitters have developed a under-bite; yet show signs of some glory.  The Maestros were the udder team that achieved high score in the league, and the Army seemed to project a little more power in Week 8.

Week 8 Highlights:

The Dynamo is no longer a “Cellar Dweller!”  By virtue of his hot pix and point production, the Doggie jumped up to 8th place in the Power Points Standings and seems hungry to go higher in coming weeks!  The fug-ugly Johnson took his place as a bottom feeder!  It’s amazing how much a pretty lady can help a guy achieve his goals!!

The Mighty Maestros continue their climb in the Power Point Rankings!  Now sitting in 6th place, one has to wonder how high the Maestros can go in the second half of the season if they simply dumped that ‘dry’ profile picture for a hot stup! Hey, a picture of Jim and his wife would score higher than a 4.5!  If ya ain’t married, you gotta have a picture of someone in the female species, Jim! :)

And, Scott… I’ve seen your lovely wife’s picture on Facebook.  Crop out your ugly mug, and you have a definite winner! And, consider the points you can score with her by letting her know she is your sexy profile pix!

No “Foo-Pa’s” this week!  Just ain’t got the time… though the Dynamo left a 50-pounder on his bench this week! Jeezy whizzy!  There are so few teams that give all the touches to one running back these days.  Doug Martin is a stud!  Plus, the Bucs are big on “one-year” running backs.  They milk them ’till they’re dry!


Week 8 Power Points Standings:


# 1. Murphy’s Law (Previous Week: #1)

Record: 5-3;  Total Points: 2105; Profile Pix: 9; Power Points: 94,715


#2. Bikini Waxers (Previous Week: #2)

Record: 5-3;  Total Points: 1974; Profile Pix: 9.5;  Power Points: 93,765


#3. Sherman’s Army (Previous Week: #3)

Record: 5-3;  Total Points: 2011 ;  Profile Pix: 8.5; Power Points: 84,468


#4. No Crabbies (Previous Week: #4)

Record: 4-4: Total Points: 2085;  Profile Pix: 8; Power Points: 66,720


#5. Hawkeye Guy (Previous Week: #5)

Record: 4-4;  Total Points: 2061;  Profile Pix: 6; Power Points: 49,464


#6. Big Moon’s Maestros (Previous Week: #7)

Record: 5-3;  Total Points: 1973; Profile Pix: 4.5;  Power Points: 44,393


#7. Perch’s Pigeons (Previous Week: #6)

Record: 4-4;  Total Points: 1967 ;  Profile Pix: 5; Power Points: 39,340


#8. Never Say Dynamo (Previous Week: #9)

Record: 2-6;  Total Points: 1998;  Profile Pix: 8; Power Points: 31,968


You Do Not Want to Be a Cellar Dweller!!

car nutz league losers



#9. Ocho-Inch Johnson (Previous Week: #8)

Record: 4-4;  Total Points; 2046Profile Pix: 3;  Power Points: 24,552


#10. Steel Nutz (Previous Week: #10)

Record: 2-6;  Total Points: 2001;  Profile Pix: 5; Power Points: 20,010



Have fun gentlemen!  The season is at the half way point!  This is the time to start preparing for the big push.  Best of luck to all!

Total points… X…  Number of Wins… X… Profile Pix Value. No wins still getting 1 point.

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