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How Have the Tampa Bay Rays Done It?

I live in the Tampa Bay area, follow the Rays very closely, and still can’t really tell you how they’ve managed to win more than they lose in recent years.  The team has been a little down so far this season, 9½ games behind the Bronx Bombers at this particular point in time in the always tough AL East, suffered through a lot of key injuries, but somehow stay above .500…….how?  What makes this even more inconceivable is that they continue to do it with one of the lowest team payrolls in all of baseball……this season $64.6M (6th lowest in MLB).  They also have to play in Tropicana Field, no doubt the worst MLB ballpark with its outdated non-retractable dome and drab warehouse atmosphere.  Because “The Trop” is located away from the area’s major population center in Tampa, fan support is poor (29th out of 30 teams in average attendance). …

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I get it and I agree, the MLB All-Star game is designed for fan entertainment.   However, AL starting pitcher Justin Verlander must have forgotten that since 2003 (whether fair or not) the game’s outcome also means something CRITICALLY important……home field advantage for the World Series.  He was tagged for five runs (all earned) in his first and only inning, and that pretty much was ballgame over.  Apparently, Justin Verlander was more concerned about busting radar guns than getting quick outs.  He threw 35 pitches, faced nine batters, gave up four hits, and walked two (throwing six straight balls in the process) all in his one inning!  This is NOT what I expected from the reigning AL Cy Young and MVP winner.  But, five pitches were clocked at 100 mph…..and one pitch even reached 101.  Who cares?  You have to play to WIN the game now!   In his post-game comments…

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It’s Time to Correct MLB All-Star Voting

On this eve of the “Midsummer Classic”, I am convinced now more than ever that it’s time to once and for all correct the way these Major League Baseball All-Stars are selected….and in doing so restore America’s national pastime.  No doubt the increase of inter-league play during the regular season has significantly reduced the anticipation this yearly game once had, and many would say there are simply not enough “household” names in today’s game, but unarguably it is still the BEST all-star game of all the major sports.  Let’s do what we need to do right NOW to make certain it always stays this way!   Every year some players are snubbed, others should NOT have been included, and still others are chosen as reserves and they should be starting (or vice versa).  It’s doubtful we can totally avoid this subjectivity.  Should the All-Star squads consist of players who just…

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Who’s the Most Dominant MLB Pitcher Right Now?

Perhaps reigning AL MVP and Cy Young winner Justin Verlander of the Tigers, or Yankees workhorse C.C. Sabathia, or the Phillies’ crafty lefty Cole Hamels, recent perfect game hurler Matt Cain of the Giants, or maybe the Nats’ 23-year old phenom Stephen Strasburg.  None of these aces can hold a rosin bag to journeyman right-hander Robert Allen (R.A.) Dickey of the New York Mets!  He’s currently riding one of the greatest pitching streaks of all-time, primarily thanks to his incredible control of a dancing 66-81 MPH knuckleball.   R.A. Dickey was the 18th overall pick of the Texas Rangers in 1996 MLB Draft, out of the University of Tennessee.  Within 5 years he made his MLB debut, but for most of the next 10 years he floundered (52-51) with four different teams, the last three years with the Mets.  This season however, the Mets’ knuckleballer is off to an 11-1 start with…

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Give Barry Bonds What He Deserves

You can say whatever you want to say about Barry Bonds, but if you are a true fan of the game of baseball you have to admit that over the last quarter century he undeniably should be recognized as one of the game’s top five players.  I personally would go as far to say that Barry Bonds, as a five-tool player, is the single greatest baseball player of all-time!  (Yes, even better overall than his famous godfather, Willie Mays).  His name will appear on the 2013 HOF ballot for the first time this December (along with Clemens, Sosa and others).  You must remember…….first and foremost, baseball is part of the business of entertainment……who cares how the numbers were obtained.  All of you purists out there need to get a grip.  The Baseball Hall of Fame was established to honor the greatest baseball players of all-time, not necessarily high-character individuals that…

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Mariano Rivera Says He’s NOT Done

Sadly, I disagree.  A torn right ACL and meniscus, including the recent discovery of a blood clot in his right calf, will tragically and abruptly put an end to the unmatched 18-year career of 42-year old Mariano “Mo” Rivera.  I say this because even though Mo is strong-willed and was still producing, the always business-minded-first Yankees will use this very timely opportunity to say “goodbye and thank you” after this season ends when Rivera’s current $15M/year contract also expires.  The ninth inning will never be the same for Yankee fans; no more Enter Sandman reverberating through the Stadium, no more smooth confidence on the mound either.  Fresh off his blown save last night against the Rays, enter current Yankee closer heir apparent, 27-year old Alabama native David Robertson!   A date for surgery has not yet been scheduled, but Rivera’s doctors want him to first take a couple of weeks…

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Angels Wait for Albert Pujols to Pay Off

OK, I’m not quite ready to put “Prince Albert” in the can with Carl Crawford as a big contract – big bust acquisition, but after getting off to the worst start in their 46-year history, fans in Anaheim are definitely wondering what the hell is going on…….and so am I.  In fact, I still don’t understand why Albert Pujols even said goodbye to the St. Louis Cardinals after 11 years of incredible success and mutual admiration with the hometown fans and management.  Why would someone leave a city that he owned and a team that he lead to greatness?……oh yeah, about $20M.  It’s NEVER about the money though (wink, wink)!   Already at a career-worst of 31 games and 125 at-bats since his last home run (Sept. 22, 2011) and hitting a miniscule .208, Pujols is also irritated with Angels hitting coach Mickey Hatcher for telling the media how he…

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Phil Humber Hurls MLB’s 21st Perfect Game

On April 21st, immortality came in Seattle for a 29-year old journeyman pitcher from Nacogdoches, Texas.  Phil Humber (Umm-ber), the 3rd overall pick by the Mets in the 2004 MLB draft, had toiled with four different teams over the last seven years.  His 12-10 career record wasn’t much to get excited about either.  But the 30th career start for Humber was something to remember, as his White Sox beat the Mariners 4-0 making him part of baseball history forever!  He threw 96 pitches (67 for strikes), struck out nine, and went to a 3-ball count only three times….all in the ninth inning.  He’s an unknown no longer, and joins pitching legends like Cy Young, Sandy Koufax, and Randy Johnson who are some that have also achieved perfection!   The funny thing about perfect games……they have only come around on the average about once every 10,000 games or so.  Thus, you…

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