Yesterday it became official, and what was a six-month “evaluation process” reached its conclusion.  The Bowl Championship Series (or BCS), which began in 1998, will be terminated following this coming college football season.  A committee of 12 University presidents (why University presidents and not college Athletic Directors?……..please keep these high-level administrators OUT of sports and focused on academics!) approved a four-team playoff plan recommended by commissioners of the top football conferences.  This approval was NOT unanimous, but those that did not go along with the plan basically said they “did not want to stop progress”.  Progress?  Progress for whom?  Don’t get me wrong, I was not a huge fan of the BCS system but at least for the next 12 years the approved playoff system to me will just make the rich richer! 


Here’s the format for the new four-team playoff:


  • #1 will play #4, and #2 will play #3 on December 31 and/or January 1.  Winners will advance to the championship game on the first Monday in January, or January 12, 2015 for the FIRST national championship game.  Mark your calendars NOW!  I really like only four teams in a playoff, but what ranking system will be used for selecting these FINAL FOUR titans of college football each year?  It was noted that criteria to be used will be won-loss record, strength of schedule, head-to-head results, and whether a team is a conference champion.  What about any intangibles?  The plan calls for the four teams to be selected by a committee, much like the way in which NCAA basketball championship tournament is conducted.  Problem is THAT committee selects 64+ teams, whereas THIS committee must whittle 125 teams down to only FOUR.  Also, you can bet that coaches and fans of at least #5 and #6 will NEVER stop their complaining….especially when they see the payouts.  The only “progress” here is we’re substituting the subjectivity of a committee for convoluted BCS formulas.  This committee has to make sure that the BEST four teams make it.  Will that be possible every season?  (Admittedly, the BCS system worked like a charm most seasons, but failed miserably a few others).  This selection committee will receive more bribes than their IOC counterparts! 
  • Game sites will rotate among the four current BCS bowls (Sugar, Fiesta, Orange, and Rose), with two additional sites to be determined.  Why? ….that will only bring more controversy.  One additional site will likely be wherever the newly created bowl by SEC and Big 12 is played.  The other……probably the Cotton Bowl.  It is not clear, to me anyway, if the championship game site will also be selected from these six.  What is clear is that the championship game site will move around like the Super Bowl, with cities bidding each year for the right to be the host site.  I’d like to be a fly on the wall during these presentations…… and “courting” activities! 


  • Automatic qualified status is gone with the termination of the BCS.  OK, I understand no more BCS conference affiliations with the SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, ACC, Pac-12, and Big East.  This won’t make things any easier for the remaining “poor-boy” conferences.  But, it’s all really a moot point isn’t it since we are now evolving into the era of “SUPER Conferences”.  This should make the job of the four-team selection committee easier, and I personally like the idea of fewer conferences to follow and appease.  Why not just have FOUR conferences?  (I suggest West, Central, Southeast (you just can’t get away from that moniker), and East).  One more thing….Notre Dame……shit or get off the pot!  Pick a conference and join ALL your sports into it.  I’m sick and tired of you Golden Domers getting special status and distinction.  Your football program hasn’t been anything since Lou Holtz was your head coach.  Just come down off your throne and join the rest of us!


The current BCS deal with ESPN runs through the 2013 season.  A new 12-year deal with a broadcast partner will now be sought.  Let the bidding wars begin because this will be war…… an Ali-Frazier bout!  The potential revenue generation will be off the charts, like nothing we’ve ever seen.


If you think the four-team college football playoff system will remain in place forever, I got some investment property near Lake Okeechobee in south Florida I want to show you.  All one has to do is follow the MLB playoff evolution to see where college football playoff system will eventually go.  Before 1969, all MLB had was the American League winner versus the National League winner.  There was something very right and pure about that, don’t you agree?  Then, when the playoffs were instituted in 1969, each League was expanding…..eventually broken down into two divisions each, then later with further expansion three divisions each.  These divisions did not always even have a common geographic base and/or the same number of teams.  Yet, each of three division winners, plus a “wild card” (as the 4th seeded team) was entered into the playoff.  Now, beginning THIS season, a second “wild card” team in each League will be added to the playoff mix.  The two “wild cards” will play each other in a single-elimination game.  When will it all stop expanding, changing…….diluting?  Please don’t follow the NHL lead, where it seems EVERY single team makes it into the playoffs.


These college football championship playoff games will be wildly anticipated and hugely important, as opposed to most of the ridiculous and meaningless 35 annual bowl games.  Goodbye Holiday, Alamo, Music City, Meineke Car Care, and Poinsettia Bowls! I’ll admit, at least now with a college football playoff system in place, the championship will be determined on the field…..or will it?  I beg you NCAA, please try and Keep It Simple! 


Your opinions are welcomed.

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