aaron-rogers-discount-double-checkI’ve been watching closely, and it’s apparent to me that the Green Bay Packers have been sucked in by what I’ll call the Hollywood dilemma. Consequently, once this dreaded disease hits a football team they lose the need and desire to win!  Too bad! The Green Bay Packers have a great football team.

In other words, they have lost their competitive advantage!  Armed with the best receiver corp in the NFL, the offense has gone flat. Aaron Rogers, last year’s NFL Most Valuable Player, is consistently bad on his deep balls.  I haven’t counted how many times he’s overthrown a wide open Jordy Nelson this year.  But, I do know that seldom happened in the past.

Here’s the problem!  There are entirely too many commercials with Aaron Rogers, Greg Jennings, B.J. Ragi and Clay Mathews.  When a team, in this case,  the Green Bay Packers goes Hollywood, they totally lose their competitive advantage.  And, I think it’s clear this has happened to the Green Bay Packers.

I find Aaron Roger’s commercials very entertaining:

However, when Hollywood captures a team’s attention it can be devastating.  And, this is what is happening to the Green Bay Packers!  The State Farm “discount double-check” commercials are great for State Farm, Aaron Rogers, B.J Ragi and to a lesser extent Clay Mathews, but they tear at the very fabric of the Green Bay Packer football team.  Just pay attention to the number of times these commercials are shown during an NFL game.  Hollywood has taken over the Green Bay Packers and that is what is killing this team.

And, opposing players just love to “discount double check” the Packers.  This provides additional motivation to any Green Bay Packer opponent.  It’s additional ‘bulletin board’ material that motivates any opponent the Packers face, and this team doesn’t need this.  It works against them.

And, Greg Jennings is totally destroying the team!  He’s in his ‘contract year’ and surely will ask for a ton of money that the Green Bay Packers may or may not be able to afford.  Why should they?  He hasn’t produced anything for the team this year.  But, he’s managed to totally take advantage of his past relationship and productivity with the Packers with his Old Spice Commercials:

Poor Greg!  He’s nursing a groin injury and says that he’d like to wait until its fully healed before playing for the team. Bullshit!  He’s not contributing to the team and why should he?  He’s also featured in an NFL commercial.  Jennings is making big money with his commercials.  He’s gone Hollywood.  Good for him, but very bad for the Green Bay Packers and the team.  It’s becoming obvious that Greg Jennings is not about team.  He’s about Greg Jennings.  The irony will probably be found when he signs with another team next year and losses his Hollywood appeal by not being a Green Bay Packer.

This was a great team… a team that went 15-1 last year before losing their edge and being tossed by New York Giants in the post season.  That edge has been significantly diminished this year because Hollywood has overtaken this team.  Wouldn’t it be better to drop the Hollywood connection and just concentrate on football?

I’m going to give the Green Bay Packers the “benefit of the doubt” here.  They certainly earned it tonight. After watching tonight’s game on NBC’s Sunday Night Football, it’s only fair.  The Green Bay Packers totally dismantled everything that was previously true about the Houston Texans.Following last week’s loss to the Indianapolis Colts, the Packers ensured they would not repeat giving up another 18-point lead.  That’s essentially what they did last week against the highly inspired Colts.  In that game, the Packers led 21-3 at halftime, and the Colts came back to win that game.  Super kudos to the Colts!  They deserved to win.Tonight, the Green Bay Packers held an 18-point lead over the Houston Texans at the half.  The major difference between the two games is that the Packers did roll-over and fail to score in the second half.  They played for 60-minutes.  Aaron Rogers threw for three touchdowns in the first half and also tossed three touchdown passes in the second half.

I’m giving the “discount double check (…making of funny video!)”  and other commercials the benefit of the doubt following this performance.

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