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Washington Wizards v/s Orlando Magic February 4, 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After months of waffling, including going back and forth THREE times  leading into his final decision, Dwight Howard stayed  put in Orlando.  The Magic management made the 26-year old NBA superstar sign papers to be sure he wouldn’t change his mind yet again, and also allowed him to decide the fate of the current Head Coach and General Manager (who I assume are both staying).  He’ll finish this season for $17.8M (only 11th highest in the NBA), and return next year for $19.5M.  So, if the Magic go nowhere in the playoffs this (shortened) season, we’ll be right back where we started in about 365 days from now.


I thought he wanted to win a championship, which he’ll NEVER do in Orlando……. so that’s why I fully-expected him to leave by this year’s trading deadline.  Currently sitting as the Eastern Conference’s 3rd seed, the Magic simply won’t get by the Division-leading Chicago Bulls this season, as evidenced by their recent 85-59 humiliation…….even without last year’s League MVP Derrick Rose in the Bulls lineup that night!  The Miami Heat, currently seeded #2 in the East, may also prove to be an obstacle to the Magic’s playoff success this year.   Dwight Howard told us it was all about loyalty, but really it was just that he didn’t want to be viewed in the same way as Lebron leaving Cleveland.  For being “Superman”, he sure is a big “Sensitive-man”!   Dwayne Wade even tweeted, “Loyalty….hahahahaha”.


In his 8-year career, Dwight Howard has already done all he could ever do for the Orlando Magic franchise…..more than Shaq did before he left too.  I really don’t understand why he decided to stay.  Can’t he see what O’Neal saw?  Just like “Big Diesel” in 1992, the 6’-11” Howard was the first overall pick in the 2004 NBA draft.  Shaq won a conference title with the Magic in 1995, but lost 0-4 in the Finals to the Houston Rockets.  Howard won his conference title 14 years later, but also lost in the NBA Finals (1-4 to the Lakers).  The writing is on the wall, it’s déjà vu all over again,….. (Fill-in your favorite cliché here).  The 86-year old billionaire patriarch owner of the Magic and Amway founder, Rich DeVos, will never surround him with the players to go all the way.


Dwight Howard is a 6-time NBA All-Star, the most dominating center in the game today, and the Magic’s all-time leading scorer.  He’s a three time NBA Defensive Player of the Year, led the League in rebounding five times, and blocks twice.  He’s having his best all-round year this season leading the League in rebounding (15.0 per game), second in field goal percentage (.579), and 11th in scoring (21.1 ppg).  He’s also had the second most double-doubles in the League so far this season.  There were at least THREE other teams that wanted him….badly.  He could have got paid closer to Kobe money too.  It was the perfect time to say good-bye.  Besides, the Magic Kingdom will always be ruled by someone else….that character with the big ears.


Message to Superman:  You should have told the Magic that you’d be gone like a speeding locomotive.

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