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Rex Ryan, the New York Jets crying head coach… the foot-fetish videos, the renegade image, trash-talking with opposing players… I have just about had enough of this braggart!

He reminds me of another a-hole coach who was loved or hated by his players……oh yeah, his father Buddy Ryan! After only 3 years as a head coach, his record is a solid 31-19, with back-to-back AFC Championship appearances in 2009 & 2010. But going just 8-8 and total loss of his team this season with so much being expected (or promised by the coach), brought his act back to earth. It also didn’t take their 4th-string QB (and Rhodes scholar candidate) to say the team had a “corrupt mindset” to see that the wheels have fallen off the Jets bandwagon.
In my book, only one Jet can ever make predictions, and that is one Joe Willie Namath!

Joe Namath was the quarterback for the 1968 AF...

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Perhaps Rex will find his groove again when he stars in the soon-to-be-released Adam Sadler film, “I Hate You, Dad”, where he will play (of all things) a fan of the New England Patriots.
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