Hank Haney’s “The Big Miss” Gets Tiger All Miffed

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Image by Getty Images via @daylife... Tiger with Steve Williams and Hank Haney

Hank Haney’s new book The Big Miss is scheduled to be released just before this year’s Masters Tournament (March 27 to be exact).

The Big Miss chronicles the teacher-student relationship Hank Haney had with Tiger Woods.  I can’t say… I have not read it!  HankHaney says he knew nothing about Woods’ marital infidelities at the time, and therefore it was not discussed at all in the book. I find that a little hard to believe!


Hank Haney claims he did the book because he “observed greatness, and people keep asking me about it”, but Tiger says the book is “self-serving and about money”.  Come on Tiger, anybody that writes a book is doing it to make money.  “It’s unprofessional and very disappointing, ….. especially since he was a friend” blasts Woods.  I thought Earl raised you to be thick-skinned, Eldrick?


During their 6-year run, Tiger won 31 tournaments  including 6 majors.  Their relationship terminated in 2010. Tiger Woods has not won an “official” event since he and Haney parted ways in May that year.  Woods is not the easiest guy in the world to work for, just ask Butch Harmon (his first teacher) or “Fluff” McGowan (his first caddie).  But Tiger has been ripped by former employees before (reference Stevie Williams’ mouth), and never really had anything to say about it.  Why now?  The book’s not even on the shelf yet!


That book title does get me though.  What’s it in reference to?  What does Tiger think it will reveal, if his escapades on Elin are eliminated as Haney promises?  I’m hooked already!  Look Tiger, in my book you still have to win four more majors just to tie Jack…… so you’re NOT the greatest of all-time.  And, if you’re so sensitive about what any of your inner sanctum might blab, then make them all sign privacy/non-disclosure statements as a prerequisite for getting on your payroll.  At least Hank Haney won’t bulldoze what you had together!  The Big Miss is now on my future reading list!

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Haney's book reveals the Tiger we all suspected (rude, cheap, attention-seeking, childish, quick-tempered).......but, he didn't need to lay out out all the details.  Haney quit, he wasn't fired, so why is he all seemingly bent out of shape with Tiger?  I'm still in Urkel's corner on this one!


We expect things like this from Tiger.......remember, he used to be the greatest golfer in the world.  A second place finish in the Honda Classic and a final round 62 is NOT giving Tiger fans "what they've been waiting for".  Sorry, unless he's wearing a green jacket next month, he's not back yet!  

ricksamara moderator

True! ...at the time, but no longer!  Tiger gave his fans what they've been waiting for today at the Honda Classic.  Yep... it was on Sunday. He not only had his best round in this tourney, he had his best round in over the over 1,000 rounds he's played.  It was an amazing 62!


He's back!!!


Tiger also got blown up by Phil in Pebble Beach final round by 11 strokes! He has NOT been able to handle the Sunday pressure yet, no matter how swing changes.