Haven’t the New York Giants already given Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots enough bulletin board material for this year’s Super Bowl XLVI (46th)?  I guess not!  I just ran across this article where they are already proclaiming themselves Pro Football champions!  Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this game scheduled for later on today?


I was a Giant’s believer.  I believed the momentum they built heading into this game was enough to put them over the top!  Now, I’m beginning to wonder!  Las Vegas has a proven record for picking Super Bowl winners.  Yep, they favor the Patriots! More importantly, I’m beginning to question the Giant’s franchise credibility!  How can the team let this ad get released early?  Certainly it’s intentional!

Plus, JPP (defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul) has spent the week telling the media that Tom Brady is “not God” and that this first ballot hall of fame quarterback makes mistakes because of his  fear of being rushed by the Giants defensive line.  His teammate Chris Canty has already told fans in New York to “get ready for a parade on Tuesday.”  Are you kidding me?

It appears to me that the Giants are playing a very dangerous game here.  Sure, they are using some of the same tactics to garner momentum and propel themselves to victory as they did in 2007.  That might have provided them the focus they needed to pull off perhaps the greatest upset in Pro Football history.  But, that was then!  I’m not sure it’s going to work again.

For some reason, they seem to forget that this is somewhat of a grudge game for the Patriots.  And, that the Patriots don’t often lose to a team that has already beaten them.  This attitude seems boorish and irresponsible. Smack talk and premature release of victory ads only add fuel the fire of the opponent. So, why turn momentum and a potential Super Bowl win into a tailored made opportunity for the their opponent.  At least that’s how it appears to me!

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