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What is Jim Harbaugh doing?  Surely, he should let us know!  Does Jim Harbaugh have something to hide?  I’m certainly not informed.  Did Jim Harbaugh even know his San Francisco 49-ers had a chance to beat the New Orleans Saints today in the NFC Conference semi-final game?  Or, was Jim Harbaugh stunned as much as we were in this huge conference win?  Great job Jim, but what wasn’t I told?

So, I have to consider my sources.  ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning is one of my favorite shows, but they and their contributors don’t seem to know!  Or, they certainly did not give me any hint of what could possibly happen in this game. The Skip meister (Skip Bayless) is all about talking about Tebow magic (that’s what his Twitter followers tell him) …Big gag! …though it is a fun show.

Maybe nobody knew!  I watched the first three quarters of the game and found it terribly boring.  I was busy texting some friends and family about the game.  My bottom line was that San Francisco just did not have enough offense to win the game.  Sure, their defense was fantastic.  They had Drew Brees dancing and looking for shelter.  But, the Saints held strong and teetered on a potential big win… it could come anytime with Brees.   On the other hand, the 49-er quarterback, Alex Smith was throwing under coverage and getting his passes batted down by New Orlean’s defenders seemingly more often than not.

However, trailing  32-29  with only minutes left, Alex Smith threw… no, he drilled two critical passes to tight end Vernon Davis.  I literally jumped out of my chair!  I never knew he could throw the ball like that!  These two passes mimicked those thrown by Tom Brady or Aaron Rogers.  So, where has this guy been!  And, why don’t we see more of him?  And, why has Jim Harbaugh been hiding him?

Here is a video recap:


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