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I was certainly not shocked, but VERY discouraged, to see that the major league baseball owners voted a two-year contract extension to Commissioner Allan Huber “Bud” Selig this week. Afterall, he was once one of them too (as a former owner of the Milwaukee Brewers prior to his current tenure as MLB Commissioner that began in 1992).

This guy makes watching paint dry more exciting to look forward to. He’ll be 80 when this contract expires, and I just hope that’s the end of the road for this deadbeat. It’s unfortunate that the owners have made Bud Selig nothing more than a puppet, and history will certainly not look favorably on him given some of the fiascos under his watch (e.g., All-Star game tie, steriod investigation-Mitchell Report, L.A. Dodgers ownership, talks toward further expansion/dilution of talent, and even possibly more teams eligible for the post-season playoffs).
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Bring back the days of the iron-hand ruling Commissioner like Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis. He stood for the integrity of baseball, looked like an old sherrif and took no crap from the players or the owners. Despite whatever comes out of Bud’s pie-hole, he stands for the monopolistic owners and always will.  Let’s retire Bug Selig!


However, what REALLY irks me regarding Bud Selig is his mind-boggleing salary of $22M/yr…..can you believe that? Isn’t that in the ballpark of what Prince Fielder wants? No wonder he always looks like he’s getting a hummer like the guy in Police Academy with those stupid grins on his face.


Let’s use that kind of jack to attract someone with real baseball intelligence, leadership, and resolve like George Will, Bob Costas, Tom Seaver, Peter Ueberroth (again)….or for that matter even fellow Milwaukee native, “Mr. Baseball” himself, Bob Uecker! Of course the owners would have the FINAL say so…….What do YOU think?

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