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40-year old catcher Jorge Posada is now being thrown to the curb by the Yankess after a 17-year career similar to how they have treated many of their aging stars.

I understand baseball is a business, and the Yankees are all about business. But for Posada to come out recently and say that he would rather retire than play for anyone but the Yankees….please, does he really have any other choice? Relegated to nothing more than a left-handed DH for most of the last 2 years (and hitting only .235 in 387 ABs this past season), Posada just completed the last year of his 4-year, $52M contract. Where else but in baseball can you make $13M per year and be so non-productive and past your prime. Does he actually believe that he could get more than a one-year, $1M contract now? In fact, nobody has called in the off-season requesting his services. The writing was already on the wall….the Yankees did not plan for Posada to return, and his 9,800 sq. ft., 8-bedroom estate in north Tampa was sold this past October. Hip, Hip, Jor-ge!!
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