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This week the NASCAR season begins with performance testing at Daytona International Speedway. I can’t begin to describe all the changes being evaluated, but I have read that track speeds are exceeding 208 MPH. Through tough economic times, it’s blue-collar fans have continued to grow this sport.

As the NASCAR season begins, I must say… I do love the pagentry, the driver trash-talking, fast cars, the old names (Dick Trickle comes to mind first), and the pit stops….but, I just don’t understand how they make it all work by just turning left. Maybe it’s because that their Most Popular Driver for the 9th consecutive year (Dale Earnhart, Jr., as voted by the fans) has not actually won a race in his last 110 straight tries?

Maybe it’s because the FIRST official race of EVERY season is their “Super Bowl” (the Daytona 500), and their season-ending event is held in the Florida swamps down in Homestead, FL? Or, maybe that the Sprint Cup Champion from last season (my personal favorite….the #14 Office Depot car (that’s how a true fan identifies his guy) Tony “Smoke” Stewart fired his crew chief immediately after winning the season-long championship? I just don’t get how these tobacco-chewin, gun-tot’en red-necks do it. Somebody out there wearing a Jeff Bodine hat, a J.J. Yeley t-shirt, or a Greg Biffle windbreaker please get me up to snuff!  So, the NASCAR season begins!  “Let the games begin.”

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