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Yes, that Rudy (a.k.a, Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger) along with 12 others ran the old “pump-and-dump” scheme to increase the value of the sports drink also named “RUDY” to gain more than $11M in illicit profits. The 5’6″ iconic Golden Domer, now 63, is settling out of court with the Securities & Exchange Commission for $382,000.
“Rudy” was a great, inspirational sports movie!  One of the very best!  Why ruin its positive social image with this crap?  I never drank this bathwater, but I did have the 1993 movie “Rudy” ranked in the Top 3 of my all-time favorite sports movies…..right behind “Remember the Titans” and “Hoosiers”.
Apparently, Mr. Ruettiger  took the “Dream Big! Never Quit!” slogan emblazoned on the RUDY drink can just a bit too far!  Is this just another example of over-hyping everything that is South Bend Irish? I will no longer remember him for being a one-play, walk-on, wonder……instead, more like a weaselly leprechaun!
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