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NFL Replacement Officials and The Innacurate Reception

It seems clear to me that the NFL is not really concerned about it’s teams and players. All they really care about is profit and maintaining the status quo as they define it. And their current definition includes the protection of their NFL Replacement Officials. Hey, profit is important, but the NFL  has taken this to another level.  Given the opportunity to make amends and overturn last night’s Replacement Ref’s egregious mistakes, they turned to the strict interpretation of the rules and refused to directly address the most obvious deficiencies of the NFL Replacement Officials.  Here is a video on the most egregious and final play of the game… compliments of the NFL: If you watched any news today, you know that the overwhelming public and professional opinion is that the NFL Replacement Officials blew this call on the Inaccurate Reception (Term Coined by ESPN’s Adam Shefter).   The NFL supported the…

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NFL Replacement Officials Blew it Tonight!

I just witnessed a crime on Monday Night Football.  The NFL Replacement Officials just made perhaps the greatest series of mistakes every made in the history of the National Football League (NFL). In my opinion, the NFL just  experienced a significant blow to their reputation. I’m a huge NFL fan!  But, ending this week when we commemorate the passing of an NFL legend, Steve Sabol, President of NFL Films, the NFL blew a huge one!  I would think Steve Sabol is turning in his grave.  I doubt very much if he ever saw anything like this in his life.  However, his impact and affect on football lives on.  No doubt, NFL Films have recorded this game for posterity.  I witnessed NFL history tonight, and it was extremely disappointing.  This is game that will surely go down in history!  And, it will show the fallibility of the NFL.  So, for the first time in NFL…

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