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Give Barry Bonds What He Deserves

You can say whatever you want to say about Barry Bonds, but if you are a true fan of the game of baseball you have to admit that over the last quarter century he undeniably should be recognized as one of the game’s top five players.  I personally would go as far to say that Barry Bonds, as a five-tool player, is the single greatest baseball player of all-time!  (Yes, even better overall than his famous godfather, Willie Mays).  His name will appear on the 2013 HOF ballot for the first time this December (along with Clemens, Sosa and others).  You must remember…….first and foremost, baseball is part of the business of entertainment……who cares how the numbers were obtained.  All of you purists out there need to get a grip.  The Baseball Hall of Fame was established to honor the greatest baseball players of all-time, not necessarily high-character individuals that…

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The money MLB teams are throwing around these days is staggering.  It seems all it takes is one or two productive years and a player can be set for life.  But last week, things got entirely out of hand.  The San Francisco Giants signed 27-year old starting pitcher Matt Cain to a 6-year, $127.5M contract, making him the highest paid right-handed pitcher in baseball history.  You have got to be kidding me!  “Big Sugar” as he is known in his hometown of Dothan, Alabama, has certainly squeezed all the sweetness out of Giants GM Brian Sabean.  How in the hell does a freakin pitcher like Matt Cain deserve to become the highest paid RHP of all-time?   This is an embarrassment to baseball!   To answer my own question, I went straight to MLB stats because I really didn’t know much about Matt Cain (see his stats yourself).  In fact, that’s my first…

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