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Tim Tebow, a player on the Denver Broncos American football team. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that the Broncos and their Executive VP of Football Operations John Elway have secured Peyton Manning’s services, Tim Tebow quickly became expendable.  Peyton told us that he “found what he was looking for”, Elway certainly got what he wanted…..extinction of Tebow-mania in Denver, but where did all this leave Tim Tebow?……….off to the Jets and the Big Apple……………exactly what he did NOT need!


It wasn’t Tebow’s fault that the coach that wanted and drafted him (Josh McDaniels) was fired by the Broncos.  The new Broncos coach (John Fox) was subsequently forced to overhaul his offensive scheme and find something that worked for Tebow.  The Broncos stood at 1-4 when Tebow took over.  Nobody, including John Elway, liked it.  But, Tebow brought back a winning mentality to Denver.  Sure, it didn’t look pretty all the time, but in only his second year as a pro, Tebow provided the spark for SIX 4th quarter comebacks and an improbable AFC West title (including the playoff win in OT).  Remember, the Broncos were coming off a pathetic 4-12 season, and this was their first playoff appearance since 2005!


During this off season, Elway proclaimed that Tim Tebow had earned the right to be the starting QB going into camp next time around.  You know the rest of the story.  Even before Manning’s press conference, all reminders of Tebow were promptly removed from the team’s facility.  Tebow understood….after all, he’s the guy Elway would want his daughter to marry (just not be anywhere on his roster).  Rumor had it that up to six teams were calling with interest.  Allegedly, the 24-year old former Gator demigod said he wanted to return to Florida.  Well, that obviously didn’t happen.  As we now know, after all parties agreed to split his “original” $5M in advanced salary and signing bonus plus surrender some upcoming draft picks, he’ll be running the wildcat option for the Rex Ryan circus….under the direction of new offensive coordinator and NFL wildcat guru, Tony Sparano.  Are you kidding me?


How well Tebow fits in with the raucous J-E-T-S, Jets! Jets! Jets! is TBD.  Cornerback Antonio Cromartie tweeted, “we don’t need Tebow”.  Thanks for the warm welcome, AC!  More importantly, the Jets just gave incumbent QB Mark Sanchez a new 3-year $40.5M contract extension.  Sanchez is already one of the most scrutinized and under-achieving QBs in the NFL, and the last guy who needs more pressure on him.  He doesn’t handle it well!  With this Tebow move, you have to seriously wonder how committed the Jets are to Sanchez, and will the two QBs be able to co-exist in the world’s greatest media market?  As recently as a week or so ago, the Jets signed former Lion back-up Drew Stanton to be their #2 QB (who’s now been traded to the Colts), and still have former Alabama QB Greg McElroy hanging around too.  For God sakes, a sober Joe Namath has even come out saying, “it’s just a publicity stunt….I can’t go with it…..it’s wrong…..they don’t know what they’re doing over there”.  Talk about a quarterback controversy, you got one NOW, baby!


Unfortunately, Tim Tebow is a “prisoner” to his own off-the-field popularity.  His fan base has created a circus of their own that he must now overcome.  In an ideal world, the best place for Tebow to land would have been with an established organization to get a proper internship.  Green Bay, New England, or New Orleans (but NOT now with the Saints’ “Bountygate” suspensions and impending fallout spreading across the Crescent City) would have been much better relocations for Tebow.  MVP Aaron Rodgers had three seasons behind the legendary Brett Farve.  Before he won three Super Bowls, Tom Brady learned the ropes behind 9-year veteran Drew Bledsoe.  Tebow could have easily fallen in line for either franchise as their “next generation” QB understudy.  My personal favorite would have been the Patriots, where he would have been re-united with the only guy who REALLY believed in him when nobody else in the NFL did…….new Pats offensive coordinator……. Josh McDaniels!   Tebow is the only “virgin” that has been screwed TWICE now!

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