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With 6:40 remaining in NC State’s eventual 14-point loss at home to #20 Florida State, former NC State stars Tom Gugliotta and Chris Corchiani were suddenly tossed from the game.  Gugliotta had a 13-year NBA career after scoring over 1,500 points in his Wolfpack career.  Corchiani played three years in the NBA, but left college basketball as the all-time leader in assists (now #2 behind Duke’s Bobby Hurley).


Nobody in Raleigh seems to know why these particular two were ordered to get out, and many Wolfpack faithful feel that former Duke or North Carolina stars would NEVER be ejected as spectators in their own arenas.  Yes, the referee who put the heave-ho to these guys has been reprimanded by the ACC commissioner for not following game management protocol, but there are several obvious details in this story that have been conveniently overlooked, so let me uncover them for the suddenly dumbfounded and upset legendary duo, Wolfpack fans, and sports administrators!


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with former college legends coming home to take in a game and root their team on against a tough conference foe.  But come on, these guys are both over forty, were with their families, and just happen to have been sitting immediately behind the scorer’s table (check out the YouTube) in seats usually reserved for CURRENT students.  Just go to the game to cheer on your former team, not lead the booing.  Have a little class, act your age, and represent your alma mater the right way!  Even though they didn’t SAY anything necessarily out of line, they did “demonstrate” their frustrations on several calls by standing up right next to scorer’s table……in plain view of all the fans.  Of course grand-standing like they did could (and did) rile up the crowd.  When your team is just not as talented as your opponent you usually lose……get over it, and stop blaming the officiating!


However, the more underlying issue that this current incident exposes is that North Carolina State University has ALWAYS had an inferiority complex occupying the “triangle” with Duke and North Carolina.  Despite being national champs in 1974 and 1983, and winning 10 ACC basketball crowns, the Wolfpack Nation has always felt like they’ve been treated like the ugly stepchild along Tobacco Road.  That is what is really causing all the heartburn and sadness with the Corchiani-Gugliotta ejection.


By the way, four nights after the ejection, NC State honored their 1989 ACC Championship team which was lead by Corchiani and Gugliotta.  Unfortunately, Wolfpack fans had to endure another crucial loss…..this time by 12 points to the Tar Heels.  Wonder where Googs and Corchiani sat for that game?  

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