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My Virginia Tech Hokies must be one bad-ass team when the placekickers are the ones that get in trouble.

The starter never even made the trip to New Orleans for tonight’s Sugar Bowl clash because he was arrested for breaking and entering. Then, the back-up was sent packing (via bus ticket home to Blacksburg) after he missed curfew while the team was preparing in the Big Easy. What’s left on the roster?

…a guy that was unsuccessful on the only two kicks he’s ever attempted. Beamer Ball is just not what it used to be…..and, for that matter either is the 65-year old Frank Beamer. For a coach leading his team to their 19th straight Bowl game and 8th consecutive 10-win+ season, his record against ranked teams is a paltry 41-48-1, especially embarrassing facing Top 5 opponents  (1-19). Michigan comes into the Sugar Bowl ranked #13. 

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